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Wafer/Panel Level Package Flowability and Warpage

Project Leader:
Renn Chan Ooi, Intel

Project Co-Leader: Tanja Braun, Fraunhofer IZM


Sign up by April 14, 2018

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Statement of Work and Project Statement


Wafer Level Packaging (WLP) and the movement to Panel Level Packaging (PLP) have gained industry attention as more cost-effective packaging technology for certain applications.  In both cases the molding poses technical challenges in terms of understanding the optimum mold compound behavior in terms of flowability and warpage aspects, so as to limit process failure. The increased size adaptation (wafer size above Φ300mm or panel larger than 300mm x 300mm) expands the assembly molding challenges even further. Better understanding the flowability fundamentals of mold compound and its impacts on quality and potentially warpage of the wafer/panel for subsequent processes is needed.

Project Purpose

Mold flowability impacts the quality and potentially warpage of the wafer/panel for subsequent processes. Through the study, this project will:
  • Identify key processing factors that impact flowability
  • Establish factors from flowability that impact warpage
  • Identify other material factors that impact post mold warpage
to achieve higher yield in flow and warpage control for mold first WLP/PLP assembly processes.


Steps for Joining the Project

The signup for this project is due by April 14, 2018. This project looks forward to the participation of epoxy mold compound manufacturers, component suppliers, molding tool manufacturers, mold flow simulation software companies, thermos-mechanical warpage simulation software companies, PCB fabricators, OSATS, foundries, and manufacturing research institutes.
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