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Modeling, Simulation & Design Tools TWG

 Modeling, Simulation & Design Tools TWG
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The 2017 Modeling, Simulation and Design Tools (MS&DT) chapters identifies key trends and shifts in the electronics industry that impact the identified research and development needs for MS&DT. The need to rely more and more heavily on MS&DT over experimental prototyping during product and technology development due to increasing cost and time pressures continues to be relevant and central to the 2017 discussion.

A key shift is the rise of smart, connected devices riding on the backbone of the cloud infrastructure and driven by the availability of “big data.” Although the key elements of the MS&DT chapter remain constant, this revolutionary shift in the computing paradigm needs to be considered and integrated and is a key focus for this 2017 version of the roadmap. Fundamentally, this shifts the focus of MS&DT elements from component-level analysis to a more holistic and system-level approach that must also consider more nuanced types of analysis at a local level.

The focus areas for this chapter are:
• System & component thermo-mechanical reliability
• Thermal and thermo-fluid simulations
• Electrical modeling, simulation and design tools
• Materials characterization and correlation
• Micro-electrical mechanical systems (mems) related
• Design tools
• High-temperature electronics