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Medical PEG

 Medical PEG
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The Medical product sector continues to be a growth area. Worldwide demographics and lifestyle changes will bring increasing demand for medical technologies that will be accelerated by improved diagnostic methods for a variety of diseases such as cancer. On the technology front, introduction of stretchable electronics substrates is a paradigm shift in the business. This will become the third major substrate technology for medical over the course of the next 10 years (rigid and flex being the other two).
The focus of healthcare will continue to shift from treatment to prevention. Technology advancements have enabled wearables that provide access to real-time data, and sensors allow any individual to become a more hands-on patient. Employers, insurers and even
governments will likely fund preventive care and healthy living to reduce costs. This trend
presents a tremendous opportunity for medical electronics manufacturers.

Security concerns are front and center, making it imperative that systems and software be more robust. Security needs go beyond patient records to include devices that transmit information wirelessly along with devices that deliver therapy or a pharmaceutical dosage. The growth of handheld devices and apps that monitor, track and store personal health information increase the risk that private data can end up in the wrong hands.