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Warpage Characteristics of Organic Packages, Phase 4

Co-Chair: Wei Keat Loh, Intel

Co-Chair: Ron Kulterman, Flex

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Statement of Work and Project Statement


The iNEMI packaging workshop held in Japan in 2009 clearly identified problems with the existing warpage evaluation criteria for organic package assembly to printed circuit boards. 2013 iNEMI Roadmap described package warpage as one key challenge. Packaging technology is aggressively evolving to meet new user demands and requirements. Dynamic warpage characteristic of electronic package is critical for seamless board assembly. Hence this effort is to understand the kind of dynamic warpage demonstrated in industry. The project has accomplished 3 phases addressing metrology challenges and the recent trends of package warpage characteristics. The study and outputs of earlier phases can be found at iNEMI project webpage.

The project team has gained significant learning about different package technology dynamic warpage behavior and its comparison to existing industry standards and it gives a different perspective of how packages can react differently to temperature. The project team believes that the variety of packages considered earlier has not encompassed what is available in the market and hence the team decided to continue with the effort.

Project Purpose

As part of the continuation from earlier phases, the scope of the project is as listed below.

  1. Characterize emerging electronic packaging technology dynamic warpage behavior to develop a better understanding of the current development of package construction and material development, for example:
    • Silicon Interposer and Embedded Silicon Bridge (EmIB) with different package stiffeners and constructions.
    • Next generation of POP packages that leverages wafer level process for package construction which include Panel and Wafer level molding. These also include the use of new fiber reinforced mold material for warpage control.
    • System In Package/Multi Chip Package (BGA) with different configuration and layout.
    • Embedded Package (embedded silicon, actives and passives).
  2. Based on previous work and the possibility to collaborate with the Low Temp Solder Project to assess the following:
    • To assess the impact of lower temperature solder on package warpage for those packages collected in Phase 2 and 3.
    • To establish the risk level based on package technology with respect to warpage only.
  3. Collaborate with FEA supplier to establish some design sensitivity study to optimize dynamic warpage for each package technology.

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