Advancing Manufacturing Technology

Technology Integration Groups (TIGs)

TIGs now recruiting participants to develop the 2017 iNEMI Technical Plan

The iNEMI Technology Integration Groups (TIGs) lead the development of the iNEMI Technical Plan in specific technical areas, and support and drive the deployment agenda through collaborative projects. The TIGs continually support the iNEMI initiative and project process and report to the iNEMI Technical Committee.
iNEMI presently has seven TIGs:
  • Board Assembly
  • Medical Electronics
  • Optoelectronics
  • Printed Circuit Boards
  • Substrates/Packaging
  • Sustainable Electronics
  • Test
TIG responsibilities include:
  • Developing the iNEMI Technical Plan based on gap analysis of the current roadmap
  • Identifying iNEMI initiative opportunities in their respective areas
  • Prioritizing and recommending initiatives to form projects
  • Recommending and sourcing leadership to develop initiatives and project teams
  • Supporting and reviewing ongoing projects in their respective areas
  • Planning and helping organize workshops or other activities in their technology areas
  • Encouraging experts in their network be involved in iNEMI

2017 Technical Plan Development

The iNEMI Technical Plan, developed by the TIGs, provides a five-year plan that defines the projects and activities deemed necessary to close the identified gaps and challenges between present industry capabilities and future industry needs as forecast by the current iNEMI Roadmap. This plan is a members-only document and forms the basis for future iNEMI project selection.
The TIGs lead the technical plan development work by conducting a gap analysis of the roadmap within three months. The key gaps identified and potential solutions will provide input to the Technical Plan in the form of a short document (approximately 10 pages) by the end of July. These analyses will focus on proposed solution paths through collaborative projects that can be addressed by, and benefit, the iNEMI membership.

Get Involved

The TIG members are drawn from the pool of technical leadership within the iNEMI membership. All iNEMI members may get involved and participation will help member organizations in identifying future iNEMI projects that are of benefit to them. The presence of OEMs and ODMs on the TIG is key to ensuring that end user requirements are addressed. Occasionally, additional experts, who are non-members, are invited to participate when their expertise can assist the work of the TIG.
Two chairs will be invited to lead each TIG. The Chairs are assisted by the TIG members and Director of Roadmapping. The iNEMI Manager of Deployment and other staff will act as the TIG/project liaisons. The TIG is also assigned a mentor from the iNEMI Technical Committee. If necessary the TIG can be divided into subgroups to focus on key areas and work more effectively. TIG chairs will represent the work of the TIG and will be asked to present an update periodically to the iNEMI Technical Committee or at iNEMI members meetings.
Workload expected: 0.25-0.5 day per month. This work is conducted primarily by teleconferences and email. There will be a face to face review meeting at ECTC on May 26 for those who can attend.
TIG work will continue throughout 2017 and into 2018, with regular online meetings (minimum one per quarter) developing and driving iNEMI projects and/or workshops in the identified areas.


For Additional Information

If you are interested in getting involved, please contact:

      Chuck Richardson, Director of Roadmapping

      David Godlewski, Manager of Deployment