2015 Environmentally Sustainable Electronics

 2015 Environmentally Sustainable Electronics
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Global environmental issues and the resulting stakeholder concerns are accelerating the demand for environmentally conscious and sustainable electronic products. Active public debate is broad-ranging, focusing on energy consumption, climate change, eco-design, access to clean water, limiting parts count in electronic equipment, e-waste or recycling, hazardous material restriction and registration, and conflict-material-free sourcing. These issues are influencing policy makers, and have filtered into a design and supply chain that has grown to adapt and want more from industry and its partners as they all strive to develop sustainable processes, technologies and reliable and viable alternatives to past solutions.

The Environmentally Sustainable Electronics (ESE) Chapter is broken into five sections: materials, energy, recycling, eco-design and sustainability. Each section addresses: situation analysis, critical issues, technology and business needs, gaps and showstoppers, and provides recommendations.

The ESE team (made up of the five sub-teams described above) enjoyed the participation of 46 people spread across the industry and the most relevant geographies. Within the 90+ pages of text, the reader will find the consensus thinking of some of the most well-respected thought leaders in the electronics industry's environmental area.