Test, Inspection & Measurement (from 2013 Roadmap - free download for all)

 Test, Inspection & Measurement (from 2013 Roadmap - free download for all)
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The Test, Inspection & Measurement (TI&M) Chapter was not updated for this roadmap cycle. However, we opted to provide the TI&M Chapter from the 2013 cycle free with the 2015 Roadmap because the information is still timely and it identifies some crucial gaps. This information is important to the electronics industry as it experiences increasingly rapid movement to greater integration and resultant higher density systems.

The TI&M Chapter encompasses technologies that allow for the identification of product defects and the characterization / improvement of the product and associated manufacturing process. Challenges for users as well as providers of TI&M technologies include: higher product complexity and reduced test access, energy and environmental concerns, the globalization of manufacturing and the diffusion of test development and support throughout the supply chain.

This chapter discusses critical issues such as test economics; test coverage, defect detection and prevention; impact of environmentally friendly materials; and global test development and implementation. It also addresses technology needs for manufacturing processes, energy management, medical standards and technology, packaging/miniaturization, and more.

Eighteen experienced test professionals from OEMs and solution providers created this document. In addition to providing industry guidance on future challenges, it is also driving the TI&M agenda for iNEMI’s collaborative agenda.