2015 Solid State Illumination

 2015 Solid State Illumination
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This chapter provides an overview of the most critical technologies driving the commercial launch and market diffusion of Solid State Illumination (SSI) products, addressing both LED and OLED based technologies. Cognizant of the rapid changes occurring in this industry, the TWG members attempted to provide, to the best of their knowledge, a roadmap that builds upon previous versions to bring a supply chain focus and industry needs assessment that is broader than the conventional materials and device roadmaps produced by government and university research communities. As such, it should be viewed as a snapshot of the present industry, in which (1) material developments, (2) advanced assembly processes and (3) novel optical, electrical and thermal designs are causing technical platforms to rapidly evolve.

This chapter is 100 pages in length and contains 21 tables along with 39 figures. Technology trends and challenges are explicitly described to help the reader understand the likely future course and pace of progress.