2015 RF Components and Subsystems

 2015 RF Components and Subsystems
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This chapter describes the current and future technology trends in RF components and subsystems used in handsets to provide connectivity through cellular networks, wireless local and personal area networks, location services, and video and audio broadcast reception. By definition, this area includes portable electronic devices (computers, tablets, mobile handsets, smartphones, and portable gaming devices). However, in practice, this area includes much more than that. In today's marketplace there are a vast number of electronic devices that include RF components. The number of such devices is expected to grow significantly (both in volume and type) throughout the forecast period.

The extremely high volumes, densities and time-to-market pressures drive dynamic RF technology developments and deployments. This area has seen significant changes in technology over the past few years, and will continue to see strong technical growth while revenue growth will likely begin to slow in the portable/consumer space. However, the expanding applications of RF components and subsystems will likely cause industry growth in sectors other than consumer devices (e.g., medical, sensing).

The RF Components & Subsystems Chapter is returning after a two-cycle hiatus. The new TWG put together an excellent chapter comprised of 54 pages, 13 figures and four tables.