2015 Power Conversion Electronics (new)

 2015 Power Conversion Electronics (new)
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The news media is replete with reports about next generation systems such as smart phones and mobile computers, zero-emission electric vehicles (EV) and renewable energy from solar and wind but rarely discusses the power conversion circuits that are critical to enabling those systems. The power conversion (power supply) market is a driven market that is responsive to the demands of end users. With this in mind, it is clear that the power supply industry is not primarily technology driven. Rather, it is technology responsive. This is consistent with the role of the power supply in the broad spectrum of electronic products. In almost every case, the power supply plays a supporting role that, at best, enables and enhances the final products.

The power supply industry receives lists of needs from their customers and these lists contain the features that are necessary for creating successful products. The items on customer lists are full of technical challenges — smaller size, higher efficiency, better electrical performance, and lower cost. These requirements result in severe technical challenges in the design, manufacture, and even in the selling process.

There is a need for better materials, better components, better solutions, and more effective ways to manufacture and deliver them. The industry's interests are best served by taking a proactive stance — by anticipating these challenges and developing the technology required to meet them on time or ahead of time. It is in this spirit that the Power Sources Manufacturers Association (PSMA) has been conducting the Power Technology Roadmap activities since 1994. Since 2010, iNEMI and PSMA have cooperated to focus on integrating the technology trends from the PSMA PTRM into its more detailed manufacturing roadmap. For the 2015 iNEMI roadmap there is a Power Conversion TWG. The majority of this TWG's 82-page report, containing 15 figures and four tables is extracted from the PSMA PTRM 2013 with additional comments related to manufacturing and packaging that are significant to iNEMI members.