2015 Modeling, Simulation & Design Tools

 2015 Modeling, Simulation & Design Tools
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The 1998 iNEMI Roadmap summarized the importance of modeling and simulation by saying, "The companies that embrace virtual prototyping and master the associated Modeling & Simulation (M&S) tools will be the market leaders of tomorrow; those that ignore it will not be around." In subsequent roadmaps, the details of exact requirements with respect to the predictions made by the iNEMI Product Sector Champions were included. Experts in specific modeling and simulation areas were chosen to map the future based on the key needs brought forth by the sector roadmaps. This has resulted in an industry-averaged view of the modeling and simulation requirements from box, Electronics Manufacturing Service (EMS) companies, semiconductor, and packaging companies.

It is important that component suppliers and EMS companies incorporate system-level thinking in their product roadmaps and, hence, modeling strategies. However, what is equally necessary is the deployment of M&S by these same companies to improve their processes (process modeling).

Increasing cost pressures and the need for system-level design were key trends identified in earlier roadmaps across all sectors and these trends continue in 2015. In this latest roadmap, simulation and modeling are further refined into concise roadmaps by the following focus areas:

The roadmap focus areas are:
1. System & component thermo-mechanical reliability modeling and design
2. Thermal and thermo-fluid simulations
3. Electrical modeling, simulations and design tools
4. Modeling- materials characterization correlation
5. Micro electrical mechanical systems (MEMS) related modeling
6. Design tools related
7. High temperature electronics

This highly experienced TWG was made up of 12 individuals from academia and industry.