2015 Large Area Flexible Electronics

 2015 Large Area Flexible Electronics
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Large area flexible electronics - or "printed electronics" - is an emerging technology that iNEMI began covering in its 2007 Roadmap. This chapter provides an overview of the most critical technologies necessary for commercial launch and market diffusion. It also gives readers a snapshot of the present industry, recent innovations, and technology trends. The value of this roadmap is its attempt to provide scientists and engineers with a deep appreciation for the state-of-the-art of the field and to highlight key areas that require additional efforts to be undertaken (e.g., strategic new development projects) to accelerate the growth and establishment of a new electronics market. The chapter attempts to be agnostic to material (organic, inorganic, hybrid) and process (printing, vacuum, lithography), while addressing technologies specific to functional inks, substrates, packaging, processing platforms, testing and quality control tools, design and modeling, reliability, and products.

This is an impressive roadmap chapter containing a wealth of knowledge on this emerging technology. While a relatively small group did the heavy lifting for this work, there were 65 international participants (industry, academia, and government labs) contributing! Technology trends, descriptions, and challenges are organized in 67 tables, 20 figures, and 274 references within 151 pages. This is an excellent reference for those needing to get up to speed on large area flexible electronics.