2015 Interconnect Substrates - Ceramic

 2015 Interconnect Substrates - Ceramic
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Ceramic interconnection substrate technologies are no longer dominated by markets requiring very high performance and reliability (e.g., military, avionics, mainframe and supercomputers, communications infrastructure, and aerospace applications). The increase of electronics in automotive is driving a significant demand for ceramic circuits with the latest demand for collision avoidance radar operating at 24, 66 and 77 GHz as well as the wireless networking applications for communications and data transfer like IEEE802.11a.b.c, IEEE802.11n, and wi-fi. On a more prosaic basis, low-temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC) is being used in circuit breakers as a personal injury prevention measure.

The ceramic substrate interconnection technologies discussed in this chapter fall into the general classes of substrates, thick film technology, high-temperature and low-temperature co-fired ceramic (HTCC and LTCC), thin film technology, and a variety of copper on ceramic technologies. There is also a section covering crystalline photovoltaic cell and module technology.

This roadmap chapter provides 90+ pages of detailed information on the current status and future needs of ceramic interconnect technologies. Significant technology details are provided in 26 tables and 53 figures. The chapter was developed with input from 34 contributors representing OEMs, suppliers, universities and a national laboratory.