2015 Interconnect PCB - Organic

 2015 Interconnect PCB - Organic
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The interconnecting substrate can, and generally does, provide many functional attributes in addition to the basic electrical circuit. Organic printed boards account for more than 90% of the present types of interconnecting structures. The characteristics and capabilities of the global infrastructure have been able to meet the demand for circuit precision. However, achieving cost expectations while simultaneously satisfying design intents and time-to-market expectations for high-volume production continues to be a major challenge. Additionally, the need to manage the competing, and sometimes contradictory, legal demands posed by various worldwide governments, has added a new set of requirements for organic materials.

This chapter looks at rigid, flexible and optoelectronic substrates, along with manufacturing equipment and processes, waveguide technology and more. It discusses some of the most critical issues with regard to such things as embedded components, computer buses, package conductor routing, and liquid coolants and heat sink requirements. It also identifies technology, research and development needs. This 60+ page chapter contains a wealth of information on organic printed boards. Sixteen tables and 28 figures provide a comprehensive view of the technology trends and challenges faced by this industry segment. This chapter complements the more detailed organic PCB roadmap developed by IPC.