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 2015 Automotive
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The main factor that differentiates the Automotive Product Sector Emulator from the other Product Emulators is the operating environment. These products must perform reliably in automobiles, light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty trucks. Many of the attributes, such as cost, density, and components, overlap with the other emulators. Increasing density is important for these applications because of cost, size, and weight reductions.

The assembly and manufacturing / test equipment requirements are also critical due to the reliability requirements. Automotive applications are extremely cost sensitive and, therefore, require cost targets similar to those of the Consumer Product Emulators. The challenge for the Automotive Product Sector Emulator is to adapt other emulators’ technologies to meet the high temperature, environmental, and reliability requirements cost effectively.

The most important issues requiring research are related to the electrification of the vehicle. For example, battery cost must be significantly lowered (targeting $250 / KWh). Another important area of research is fuel cells.

This chapter benchmarks the state of the industry and technology. It looks at four key drivers — cost, size, quality and reliability — and defines the key attributes of the automotive product emulator. It also identifies critical infrastructure issues and prioritizes technology requirements and trends.