Advancing Manufacturing Technology

2019 Roadmap Schedule




Recruit product sector champions and teams and refine data charts
Begin publication of 2019 Roadmap Newsletter
Distribute 2017 PEG chapters

4Q2017 Product sector champions develop emulators
September 18 Roadmap Highlights Presentation (Rosemont, Illinois, USA)
October 12 Teleconference with PEG Chairs
October 17 TWG/PEG Chairs meet via WebEx to discuss key attributes
October 19 Roadmap PEG kick-off with PEG/TC WebEx
January 3 Email Word version of 2017 TWG chapters and Executive Summary to each TWG Chair
January 8 Organziing teleconference with TWG Chairs (offer TWG meeting rooms at TWG kick-off)
February 25,
1:00-5:30 p.m.

February 26,
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
2019 iNEMI Roadmap 7PEG Workshop/TWG Kick-Off at APEX 2018 in San Diego, California
  • Product sector table completed - draft PEG chapters
  • Cross-cut issues are initially addressed
April TBD TC/PEG chapter review meeting (WebEx)
May 22 Telecon with TWG Chairs
May 28 Open Roadmap Workshop in US (ECTC)
June 7 Open Roadmap Workshop Webinar (Europe)
June 13 Open Roadmap Workshop Webinar in (Asia)
July 20 TWG drafts due for TC review
August 23 TC face-to-face review with TWG Chairs at TBD
September 24 Final roadmap chapters due
October TBD iNEMI Council of Members review of key issues and preliminary 2019 Roadmap highlights, at SMTAI
October Edit, prepare Appendices A-D, Executive Summary
November "Go to press"
December Distribute to members
March Roadmap goes on sale to industry
March Schedule industry webinars