Reuse and Recycling Metrics, Phase 2

Project Leader:  Wayne Rifer (Green Electronics Council)

Project Leader:
Wayne Rifer (Green Electronics Council)

Project Leader:  Lisa Dender (IBM)




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Project Statement and Statement of Work


  • A mass based reusability and recyclability rate:
    • Depends on data which is not readily available (BoM, RRR rates)
    • Does not specify the costs/revenues of reuse and recycling
    • Does not specify the ability to practically separate and liberate the components and materials

Project Objectives

  • Identify design measure to improve material choice, material and component liberation (materials + liberation + circular economy impacts)
  • Identify product-related cost factors influencing economic feasibility of reuse and recycling
  • Identify weighing factors
  • Get ahead of regulation
  • Develop a metric system that can be applied to different electronic products

Project Focus

  • To develop a scoring system (qualitative/semi-quantitative) which assesses the ability – economic feasibility and physical practicality – to separate and liberate the materials from ICT products (product category specific).
  • To develop a weighing factor which quantifies the quality of the reused and recycled materials (exergy, cumulated energy demand, price, environmental impact).
  • To develop a product end of life value score (includes reuse and recycling) – 3 tier scope of material choice, product design and regional recovery factors (what is the net value of the design/material and need choices).
  • Investigate and engage with key standards or similar organizations to promote the use of our findings.

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