Advancing Manufacturing Technology

PCBA Cleanliness Project, Phase 1

Co-Project Leader:
Mike Bixenman, KYZEN

Co-Project Leader: San Wong, GE

Kick-off meeting is scheduled for Monday, February 19, 4:00-5:00 p.m. EST (U.S.). Contact Mark Schaffer to participate.


When it comes to cleanliness requirements, both OEMS and EMS are on their own to define their own requirements - there is no industry standard for acceptable cleanliness levels.  In addition, some component types are more problematic to chemical contamination than other component types creating further challenges for PCBA cleanliness.
The objective of the project will be to predict and understand functional performance requirements of high reliability dense electronics in harsh or sensitive environments through the measurement of electrical and chemical effects under bottom terminated and other components with minimal board to bottom of package clearance. 

Statement of Work

GE and KYZEN are leading the development of the SOW and we are seeking additional organizations to provide input into the scope of work.   Please contact the iNEMI Program Manager, Mark Schaffer, if you would like more information or want to participate in the development of the SOW.

DRAFT SOW (v.12)

For Additional Information

Mark Schaffer