PCB/PCBA Material Characterization for Automotive Harsh Environments

Steve Brown, Alpha


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Project Statement and Statement of Work


There appears no coherent view of specifications for automotive electronics for harsh environments. IPC-A-610 Class 3 is the highest classification but not specifically for under-hood applications. Tier 1 suppliers may now specify IPC class 3 + wide range of OEM specific standards. There is a need to review OEM’s specifications and undertake a cross comparison. There is also a trend to specify materials that do not meet criteria more than needed (good enough scenario). Tier 1’s serve multiple OEMs requiring multiple validation cycles while trying to simplify the choice or common suite of materials. This is a challenge for both the material suppliers and users.

Project Focus

  • Identify common failure mechanisms in automotive electronics and determine how standards can relate to each

  • Define a suite of test procedures for Tier 1 and material manufacturers that will give a high degree of confidence in meeting OEM’s requirements
  • Correlate the various standards and proprietary specifications for automotive PCB and PCBA materials for a range of harsh environments to enable a consensus for standardized procurement categories.

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