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Council & Other Member Meetings

Each Participating Member has a representative on the iNEMI Council of Members. This group elects the Board of Directors, receives information about project and program proposals and status, and provides representatives to the various technology groups.

iNEMI holds one Council meeting each year — usually in the spring — which is open to everyone within our member companies. These meetings are used to provide an update about current and future iNEMI activities.

iNEMI also holds regional member briefings to update our members. Typically, presentations from these meetings (both Council and regional member meetings) are available to members only, so be sure you have a member web account and are logged in if you want to download the presentations listed below.


iNEMI Members 2nd Quarter 2017 Webinar (May 2017)

iNEMI Member Briefing at APEX (February 16, 2017)

iNEMI Members 1st Quarter 2017 Webinar (February 2017)

iNEMI Regional Member Meeting, hosted by IBM Japan Tokyo Research Center (Tokyo Japan; February 17, 2017)

iNEMI Members 4th Quarter 2016 Webinar (October/November 2016)

iNEMI Regional Member Meeting, hosted by Lenovo Japan (Yokohama, Japan; August 4, 2016)

iNEMI Council of Members Webinar (May 11, 2016)

iNEMI Regional Member Meeting, hosted by Hitachi Chemical (Tokyo, Japan; February 21, 2016)

iNEMI Regional Member Meeting, hosted by Intel Japan (Tsukuba, Japan; August 7, 2015) 

iNEMI Council of Members Meeting, held at APEX 2015 (San Diego, California; February 25, 2015) 

iNEMI Member Meeting, hosted by Dow Chemical (Taipei, Taiwan; October 21, 2014) 

Spring Council Meeting & Webinar, hosted by Intel (Chandler, Arizona), April 9, 2014

Project Webinars & Reports