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iNEMI Names Marc Benowitz CEO (January 2018)

iNEMI publishes 2017 Technical Plan for members

IPSR-International Webinar:  Integrated Photonics - Grand Challenges and Key Needs for 2018, Lionel C. Kimerling (MIT) (December 21, 2017)

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2017 Roadmap is free to iNEMI members.

2017 Roadmap is available for purchase to non-members.

iNEMI Members 2nd Quarter 2017 Webinar (May 2017)

iNEMI Presentations at APEX (including Member Briefing) (February 2017)

iNEMI Members 1st Quarter 2017 Webinar (February 2017)

iNEMI Members 4th Quarter 2016 Webinar (October/November 2016)

2015 iNEMI Research Priorities document



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