Final Assembly Automation and Optimization

Project Co-Leader: Dason Cheung, Flex

Project Co-Leader: Subbu Kandasamy, Universal Instruments

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Project Statement and Statement of Work


When automation or semi-automation of final assembly has been chosen, there are concerns with cost, lead time and quality.  There is a need to develop and understand best practices that lead to an optimization of the final assembly process. 

Project Objectives

  • Investigate needed flexibility that minimizes cost and identify best practices
  • Best Practices for design for automation = maximize continuous flow (where possible)
  • Best Practices for design for building via assembly lines
  • Best Practices for design for moving from one sub-assembly line to another as you build to a final product
  • Design guidelines for parts and their packaging

Project Focus

  • Develop a uniform set of guidelines, practices and recommendations for automation and main/final assembly
    • Flexibility is needed in reusability, redeployability and reconfigurability which are potentially driven by shorter product lifecycles
  • Definition of communication and interfaces among equipment is needed
    • Between equipment and equipment
    • Between equipment and its ancillary systems 

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