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Eco-Design Best Practices Project



Call for Participation Webinar

Presentation (September 13, 2017)

Project Statement of Work and Project Statement

Purpose of Project

This fast-turn project project will develop a white paper that influences the international electronics industry to accelerate eco-design across product lines – whether design is conducted by the OEM or outsourced to ODMs. The research will feature insights and recommendations from key managers both at brand owners and contract design/manufacturing companies in the electronics industry.  Additionally, the project will develop strategies for disseminating these insights and recommendations to electronics-industry OEMs, ODMs, supply chains, corporate customers, associations, educational institutions, non-government organizations, and/or other stakeholders.

Steps for Joining the Project

Please note:  iNEMI membership is not required to participate in this project sign-up.  Sign up ended October 13, 2017.  After that date, you must be approved by majority of team members.  Steps for joining the project follow.

For iNEMI members:

  • Complete and sign the project statement
  • Fax the completed statement(s) to +1 (703) 834-2735 or scan and email to
For non-members wishing to join iNEMI For Fast Turnaround Project Membership (participation in this project only):
  • Complete and sign the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) document
  • Fax the MOU to +1 (703) 834-2735 or scan and email to
  • iNEMI will then invoice you for the Fast Turnaround Project Membership fee of $5,000.00

For Additional Information

Mark Schaffer