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Development of Cleanliness Specification for Expanded Beam Connectors Project, Phase 2

Dr. Tatiana Berdinskikh,



Statement of Work


For 10+ years iNEMI has completed substantial theoretical and experimental work on the development of inspection criteria for fiber optic single mode and multi-mode connectors.  Multiple (15+) iNEMI papers have been published starting with Photonics North 2006.  The iNEMI research was used as a background for the development of several international standards including IPC-8497-1, IEC 613003-35 and technical report IEC 62627-05-TR.  In previous research the iNEMI team primarily was focused on the impact of contamination and scratches on UPC connectors and fiber stubs.

Expanded Beam optical connectors use various techniques which diverge light into either a collimated or focused beam.  This eliminates the need for physical contact between mating fibers.  Unlike existing lensed TOSA/ROSA devices and traditional MT interconnects, some expanded beam products are z-axis insensitive and significantly less susceptible to the effects of contamination promising the cost savings for the Data Centers applications.

To date, no formal inspection contamination criteria have been adopted by the industry for any expanded beam connector. This project is being organized to develop recommendations for visual inspection criteria.

The project will be focused on development of cleanliness specification for expanded beam connectors in “non-clean” data center environment. To this end, multi-mode expanded beam connectors based on different technologies will be provided by the participating connector Suppliers for expanded beam connectors.

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