Advancing Manufacturing Technology

Board Assembly and Test Process Optimization


This project is on hold.  iNEMI will inquire about interest again in 2015.

Statement of Work and Project Statement

Purpose of Project

The purpose of this project is to create a first cut set of recommendations that will improve the board assembly and test equipment utilization in production lines requiring frequent changeover or that are used for new product introduction. Typically, the utilization of these types of assembly lines is unacceptably far below the theoretical potential of the installed equipment. The impression exists that consistent application of best practices could yield significant improvements in production output for the same installed equipment.

Scope of Work

We will create a list of all activities currently involved in the changeover of production lines and the time associated with these activities. Subsequently, this list will be expanded to include the optimal time for these activities using current best practices. In a benefit versus effort analysis, a number of recommendations of best practices will be created for the “low hanging fruit.”  Recommendations for follow on projects would contain a list of benefits that are less easily achieved, but would be worthwhile to develop in a separate activity.
Identify the areas of overlap and start a parallel project to begin working on other topics of interest or concern. These teams could work together on the identification of similarities while staying focused on the main objectives of each. Based on the diversity of expertise needed to eliminate inefficiencies, other iNEMI projects may need to be formed under the Board Assembly or Test TIG.

Steps for Joining the Project

Please note: iNEMI membership is required to participate in this project. 
For iNEMI members:
  • Complete and sign the project statement
  • Fax the completed statement(s) to +1 (703) 834-2735 or scan and email to

For non-members:

Further Information

David Godlewski
+1 717-651-0522